Media Commentary on India Tunnel Rescue

Industry specialists around the world pooled their knowledge and expertise to assist in rescue efforts.

Like many throughout the industry, Triton has been monitoring the situation in India and how the events are unfolding on a daily basis. Always hopeful of a successful outcome, it came as a relief that news of all 41 men in the collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand, India, were brought to safety after being trapped for weeks.

This remarkable feat of courage and expertise is a testament to the resilience and dedication of rescue teams involved. In light of this, we were contacted by several national and international news channels to provide expert commentary on the complex rescue operation, highlighting the intricacies and challenges faced by the rescue team.

Our Director, Jonathan Davies shared his insights on this extraordinary achievement and successful rescue operation.


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How did they get them out?

Once the men were in sight, following the successful drilling campaign, the rescuers used the passage they had created to individually pull the workers out. It was only 3ft (90cm) wide, so each man had to be wheeled through one at a time on a stretcher.

Their families, who had been camped out in near-freezing conditions for days, met them as they emerged from the tunnel.

Forty-one ambulances had been put on standby to take each of them to hospital for checks.

It took rescuers 17 days – and 400 hours of drilling – to save 41 workers trapped inside a collapsed tunnel in India.