Detection, Protection and Monitoring Systems

Securing confidence for companies in hazardous environments. Our industry-standard fire detection and protection systems provide constant security at high-risk plants.

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Fire risks in hazardous environments

Fire can be a major risk in hazardous environments, so it’s essential to install and implement effective plans and processes for the prevention, detection and fighting of fire incidents.


Our expert engineers have extensive experience working with commercial and industrial companies, creating or adapting their fire systems to meet leading industry standards, such as NFPA and British Standards.


We provide independent advice and recommendations of effective systems, which adhere to all necessary regulative body and insurance requirements.

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Triton Risk
Triton Risk

Securing confidence for you

Triton Risk fire detection, protection and monitoring systems deliver unrivalled fire management in high-risk environments, giving you full confidence that your people and property are safe.


Our team of specialists work with you to ensure your business has a fire management system that meets your business needs, as well as the legal and insurance requirements.


With a comprehensive system and process in place, you can respond effectively to any fire emergency.

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How do we activate a Detection, Protection and Monitoring Systems

Triton Risk
Fire water analysis

Our fire water analysis services meet strict internationally recognised standards, including NFPA and British Standards. We assess water supplies fed directly from town mains, via storage tanks and pumps, non-potable sources and shared private ring-main facilities. This report is often necessary for insurance companies or governing bodies. It can also be used to produce pre-incident plans. Report details include:


• Theoretical and mechanical flow testing

• Identification of defects

• Inspection and maintenance

• Comprehensive reporting

Triton Risk
Fire system design and testing

Our expert engineers can inspect, test and maintain fire detection and protection systems to ensure they run effectively. This includes sprinkler, deluge, foam-based systems, and all associated water systems. They can also advise on how to maintain the performance of your existing or inherited systems, following both industry standards and best practice.


We’ll provide you with a thorough audit and site review, to identify if your systems are suitable for the hazards they protect. If any shortfalls arise, our design team can provide further advice.

Triton Risk
Fire engineering solutions

Triton Risk are one of the largest providers of industrial emergency services in the UK. So whether your organisation needs advice or support to meet safety regulations, you can trust our extensive experience and expertise will find the right solution. We can:


• Calculate fire-fighting requirements in any weather conditions

• Provide preventive and protective measures

• Determine systems and equipment required to detect, suppress and control potential fire-related incidents

• Understand the direction and control of equipment and resource required in the function of firefighting and rescue operations

• Review containment capabilities against water demands to ensure the provision is sufficient

Frequently Asked Question's

What is fire safety and risk management?

Fire and safety risk management is the detailed understanding of all site fire risks, alongside appropriate prevention and response measures. It should be reviewed often to check the standards are being maintained, while ensuring they still meet the safety requirements.

Is it a legal requirement to have a fire detection system?

All UK businesses are required by law to conduct a fire risk assessment of their premises, as well as having a fire detection system in place. The system must meet the safety requirements and be well-maintained.

Who needs fire detection systems?

Current UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’ installed.

What is the British Standard for fire protection?

The British Standards Institution (BSi) issue a range of stringent fire safety standards, from emergency lighting to fire detection and alarm systems.


‘BS 9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings’, provides a best practice framework for fire safety.

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