Emergency Response Services

In critical situations, it is essential that highly competent people act quickly, with confidence and persistence, every time – it is essential.

We offer an unrivalled approach to professional competence and experience which is what makes the difference to our customers. Our people are highly skilled professionals trained to the highest standards to manage critical situations using high-quality equipment.

We understand the need to protect your people, environment, assets and reputation, dealing with emergency situations is part of our core capability. Outsourcing your emergency response to us ensures your needs become consolidated with a single point of contact;

  • Limiting the number of service suppliers currently working on your site;
  • Increasing safety and long-term efficiency gains; and
  • Working with one trusted provider.

There are two options when it comes to staffing an emergency response and/or a security service; existing staff can be transferred to us, or we can deliver a completely new service.

We are your trusted partner in integrated emergency management and operational response.

Mines and Tunnel Rescue Services

Mining and Tunnelling involves working in potentially hazardous conditions and encompasses the use of heavy machinery and tools that are potentially dangerous. Working in mines and tunnels exposes people to risks, such as explosions, fires, inrushes of gas or water and more – Which is why mining and tunnelling disasters still happen and can occur under a variety of circumstances.

Historically, Mines Rescue was a state-funded service in the United Kingdom, but the collapse of the mining industry, in particular coal mining led to the demise of the service. However, a new resurgence and rejuvenation of the mining and tunnelling industry here in the United Kingdom has led to us establishing a new modern Mines and Tunnel Rescue Service that is accessible.

Emergency Medical Services

We are a Pre-hospital care service provider that delivers advanced trauma teams to the most seriously injured patients, in some of the most hostile environments. Our innovative approach ensures that specialist medical professionals are able to attend to the scene of any injury, no mater the location of the patient. This is achieved through our own private Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) Paramedics.

Comprised of specially recruited personnel who are trained and equipped to provide the medical response to high-risk and complex emergency situations, we perform innovative and potentially life-saving procedures on-scene within the ‘Hot-Zone’ of an incident. Working alongside the police, fire & rescue and ambulance services, our primary aim is to triage and treat casualties and to help save lives in very difficult circumstances in harsh and remote environments.

Technical Rescue Services

We can provide competent, qualified technical staff to meet all your stand-by rescue and support requirements for short, medium or long-term assignments. We recognise not all businesses have a requirement for a permanent emergency response service, however our teams of stand-by on call emergency responders can be deployed to sites at short notice to cover works being carried out in hazardous environments or dangerous working conditions.

Industrial Fire Services

Outsourcing your emergency response services provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your people, plant and environment are protected around the clock by a specialist organisation. We offer efficient, tailored, cost-effective solutions from one of the leading providers of industrial fire and rescue services for high-risk industries.

Operating with one of the largest workforces of highly trained industrial emergency responders and with some of the best equipment in the world, capable of tackling the most serious of incidents, we have years of practical knowledge and experience securing and protecting billions of pounds worth of assets across some of Europe’s largest clusters of high hazard industry.

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