Industrial Fire Services

Securing confidence for industrial and maritime companies operating high-risk facilities and critical assets. Our specialist team provides unrivalled high-quality, cost-effective and fully integrated firefighting and rescue services.

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The facts about industrial fire services


Although the prevention of incidents and accidents is the true goal for any industrial and maritime operator, every working environment is different and as such comes with its own set of individual risks.


It’s crucial that you have a bespoke fire protection strategy in place for all your industrial facilities. One that takes into account each environment’s unique production and safety requirements at every stage. That’s where Triton Risk Services can help.


We minimise organisational risk and improve on-site safety, protecting both your employees and your facilities. While enabling your operations to continue in full compliance with international and national standards, regulations and guidance.

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Triton Risk
Triton Risk

Securing confidence for you


Triton Risk is the leading industrial and maritime fire service provider. Our firefighting and rescue services protect lives and infrastructure, mitigate risks, liabilities, and the negative impacts of business disruption due to fire and emergency events.


Our unrivalled approach allows you to focus on your goals and core business.



When emergencies occur, you can rely on Triton for fast and dependable rescue services. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in providing efficient and professional firefighting and rescue services, protecting the safety and wellbeing of individuals facing critical situations.


We offer national coverage, and are able to support you 24/7; working days, nights and weekends to secure confidence when you need it most.

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Triton Risk industrial fire services


You can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to our fire services, taking into consideration the specific requirements of the job. We offer a tailored approach to suit your risk profile.


Our specialist services can be tailored to your individual locations and include:


  1. 24/7 fire and emergency response
  2. Management and operation, including manning of in-house fire and rescue services, medical or ambulance services
  3. Fire risk consultancy including fire prevention, assessment, and strategic planning
  4. Emergency preparedness, including business continuity, emergency procedures, incident management system, and training and exercising

Why Triton Risk Management for industrial fire services?


With extensive experience in emergency rescue services, we have earned a reputation for reliability and competence.


The benefits of our industrial and maritime firefighting and rescue services include:


24/7/365 fire and rescue cover for all your operations

Highly skilled, experienced and competent fire officers, fire fighters and staff

Enhanced resilience for on-site emergencies and incidents

Emergency medical services, staff, vehicles and equipment


We provide you with reliable, flexible and cost-efficient firefighting and rescue services which meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.


Triton ensures around the clock safety to reduce risk, prevent accidents and incidents and to reassure your staff, management and wider stakeholders that your operations are safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Question's

What does an industrial fire service do?

Every industrial and maritime environment is different and has its own individual risks.


An industrial fire service works with you as the facility operator to create a bespoke fire protection strategy that covers all your sites’ unique production and safety requirements at every stage.


In the event of an incident, an industrial fire service provides an emergency response and can also work alongside other specialist services to manage the situation to a safe conclusion.

How does Triton ensure safety?

Safety is paramount in all our services. We prioritise safety first as a preventative measure and then for both the rescuers and the individuals requiring assistance in an emergency.


Our teams follow strict safety protocols and ensure that every rescue operation is executed with the utmost professionalism, minimising risks and focusing on the welfare of everyone involved.

How rapidly can Triton deploy an industrial firefighting team?

We understand that time is of the essence during emergencies. Our highly trained and experienced rescue teams are prepared to respond swiftly, applying their expertise and specialised equipment to safely rescue individuals in distress.


You can rely on our team’s prompt action and efficient rescue operations when every second counts.

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