Underground Mines & Tunnel Rescue Services

Securing confidence for companies working in hazardous environments below ground level. With our specialist expertise, we carry out safe subterranean rescue operations for a variety of mining and tunnelling industries.

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The facts about working underground


Mining and tunnelling are high-risk industries and some of the most challenging when it comes to protecting the health and safety of people working in those environments. Extremely hazardous conditions include the use of heavy machinery and tools that are potentially dangerous to operatives and co-workers.


The very nature of working underground exposes workers to risks, such as explosions, fires, inrushes of gas or water and more. Which is why mining and tunnelling disasters still happen and can occur under a variety of circumstances.

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Triton Risk
Triton Risk

Securing confidence for you


Historically, underground rescue was a state-funded service in the United Kingdom.


But the collapse of the mining industry, in particular coal mining, led to the demise of the service. However, a new resurgence and rejuvenation of the mining industry has led to us establishing comprehensive, remote area, single-source, and fully integrated solutions for the underground services sector.


Triton Mines & Tunnel Rescue Services already has one of the world’s largest teams of dedicated and specialist people able to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies underground.

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Why Triton Risk Management for mines and tunnel rescue?


Triton Mines & Tunnel Rescue Services has the capability and capacity to fully support your mining and tunnelling operations.


Whether you need specialist training or other support to ensure effective emergency response capabilities are maintained, we can help on a regional, national and international level.


Triton Risk Management’s expertise in underground rescue includes medical, security and emergency service divisions that provide a comprehensive single source solution to large operational sites and construction projects. To support this, we are also a leading provider of safety training to high-risk industries.


You will find we are proud to assist in ensuring the industry maintains the highest possible safety standards and are committed to continuous improvement.


Our goal is to make mining and tunnelling workplaces better and safer.

Triton Risk Management underground rescue services


We bring together tried and tested operating methods with innovation to offer you a leading, state-of-the-art service. Everything we do is designed to meet the demands of new mining and tunnelling projects, as well as existing operations throughout the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.


Our unrivalled experience means we understand an emergency incident within a mine or tunnel can rapidly escalate depending on the dynamic nature of the situation.


That’s why our Mines & Tunnel Rescue Services encompass a range of solutions that meet national and international standards, and has been developed to ensure the highest levels of safety.


Underground emergency response is the primary function of our service but Triton Mines & Tunnel Rescue Services can also help to mitigate risks and prevent further accidents from occurring.


Your own teams can benefit from our expertise. As we provide specialist training from emergency and incident response to specific mining related education. Our trainers and assessors are technical professionals with extensive first-hand experience in mining and tunnelling emergency response and rescue.

Frequently Asked Question's

What does an underground rescue service involve?

Mining and Tunnelling operators rely on our highly trained and competent people to rescue miners and operatives who are trapped or injured.


Dealing with fires or other emergencies in mining or tunnelling operations involves specialist skills and resources. We help mining and tunnelling operators develop, review and test their emergency procedures underground.

How does Triton ensure safety?

Due to the harsh environments in which our emergency teams need to operate, we use high quality equipment and innovative solutions to ensure safe and successful operations.


In addition, we provide world-class training to ensure that our people have the capacity and readiness to respond to emergencies and to provide expert advice to operators during emergencies.

Why should I outsource my rescue services to Triton?

The outsourcing of these services to Triton Risk Management allows you to focus on your core business. You can take confidence from our dedication to making the mining and tunnelling sector a zero-harm industry.


This particular sector demands a combination of medical, emergency response, security and safety training services and consultancy, and we are better equipped than anyone to deliver these specialisms.

How rapidly can Triton deploy an underground rescue?

There is no doubt that an incident underground is one of the most critical emergencies of all.


We understand that time is of the essence. Our highly trained and experienced rescue teams are prepared to respond with decisive speed. Each team member applies their expertise and utilises specialist equipment to achieve the safe rescue of individuals in distress.


You can rely on our team’s prompt action and efficient rescue operations when every second counts.

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