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Securing confidence for companies in hazardous environments. Our experienced fire engineers and technical consultants work to protect your critical infrastructure and business assets, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Controlling hazardous environments


The safety and security of people and property is paramount in high-risk environments such as mining, maritime and energy. And in such environments, the best form of protection is prevention. To prevent risk, you need to control it, and to control it, you need to understand it.

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Triton Risk
Triton Risk

Securing confidence for you


Triton Risk Safety Services offer unparalleled protection in high-risk environments. We work with organisations of all sizes, from delivering small self-contained packages to managing multi-disciplinary projects with many stakeholders.


We’ll first work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your engineered and technological systems, management and organisational systems, and cultural and behavioural factors. Then we help:


  1. Strengthen existing safety culture and performance
  2. Reduce risk by observing unsafe behaviours, identifying hazards, and empowering people to act
  3. Enhance the effectiveness of leaders, employees, and contractors to promote safer outcomes
  4. Maximise the value of safety investments by utilising existing processes and programmes

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How do we activate a Safety Services

Triton Risk
Safety risk consulting
  • Consequence analysis
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire and explosion hazard management
  • Regulatory compliance support services
Triton Risk
Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Task and resource analysis
  • Incident pre-plans
  • Scenario specific emergency response plans
Triton Risk
Detection, protection and monitoring systems
  • Fire water analysis
  • Fire system design and testing
  • Fire engineering solutions
Triton Risk
Training and exercising
  • Incident management
  • Incident management preparedness & competency assessment
  • Exercising
  • Emergency response


Frequently Asked Question's

Why do I need safety services?

Safety services are crucial when operating in hazardous environments, in order to protect people and property. When the correct processes are in place, it can also help improve business efficiency and productivity.

When should you hire safety services?

It’s important to implement safety services as soon as possible. This should ideally be done as a core part of the organisation when starting out or at the start of a project. The earlier safety measures are put in place the sooner your people and property are properly protected.

What is the definition of risk safety?

Risk safety is defined as: risk = severity of harm x the probability of the occurrence of harm.

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