Industrial & Technical Rescue Services

Securing confidence for companies operating in hazardous risk environments. Our specialist team provides industrial and technical emergency rescue and response throughout the UK and internationally.

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The facts about industrial & technical rescue


Operating without incident or accidents is the desired outcome for all work carried out in hazardous environments. However, our experience of providing rescue services to a wide range of different sectors has shown that, despite all best efforts and preparation, things do occasionally go wrong.


That’s where you can rely on Triton Risk Services to bring reassurance, experience and professionalism to the situation.

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Triton Risk
Triton Risk

Securing confidence for you


Triton Risk Management is the industry’s leading specialist for implementing planning, emergency response procedures, crisis management and casualty extraction.


When emergencies occur, you can rely on us for fast and decisive rescue services. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in providing efficient and professional rescue services, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of individuals facing critical situations in hazardous industrial and technical environments.


We offer national coverage, and are able to support you 24/7; working days, nights and weekends to secure confidence when you need it most.

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Triton Risk Management industrial & technical rescue services


Our teams are highly experienced technicians who are tried, tested and proven in operating and carrying out rescues in high-risk, demanding environments across the UK and overseas.


Confined Space Rescue

We have the skills, competence and experience to provide medically trained technical rescue teams and associated equipment for any confined space rescue.


Working at Height Rescue

Fully trained and competent providers of at-height technical rescue services for industry, ensuring you are always in safe hands.


Rope Rescue

We are experts in rope access and rope rescue, and able to provide specialist teams and equipment to gain access to difficult to reach areas.


Mines & Tunnel Underground Rescue

Our professional full-time rescue teams are skilled in mines and tunnel rescue and have the capacity and experience to successfully deliver specialist rescue services.

Why Triton Risk Management for industrial technical rescue?


Triton Risk Management teams are made up of professional rescue responders and technicians who are highly skilled in operating within the most high-risk environments.


You can take confidence from our hard-earned position as a leading authority in industrial rescue and emergency response, including confined space and at-height technical rescue for high-risk situations worldwide. Our operatives have first-hand experience of working in extremely difficult conditions, along with operating specialist equipment.


All our teams undergo annual refresher training and attend an in-house continuous professional development programme to maintain their leading knowledge and expertise.


Our operational support procedures and documentation have been developed with input from experienced chartered health and safety advisors who have managed rescue teams worldwide.

Frequently Asked Question's

What is industrial & technical emergency rescue?

Any rescue carried out by a team specialising in confined space, working at height and hazardous, technical environments. Triton Risk Management provides 24/7 cover throughout the UK, through multi-disciplined, experienced experts delivering industrial emergency services when and where you need them.

What makes Triton Risk Management different?

Our rescue culture is not just driven by team members who are from emergency responder backgrounds. Instead, our culture extends to include teams who have practical, industrial experience from sectors including oil and gas, utilities, telecoms, power stations, marine and mines and transport. All members have on-site health, safety and rescue foundation experience.


This ensures we can offer you rescue teams that include members with practical and management experience of on-the-job health and safety. Experts who have undertaken planned and unplanned maintenance works within hazardous working environments for your peace of mind.

How rapidly can Triton deploy a rescue team?

We understand that time is of the essence during an emergency. Our highly trained and experienced rescue teams are prepared to respond swiftly, applying their expertise and specialised equipment to safely rescue individuals in distress.


You can rely on our team’s prompt action and efficient rescue operations when every second counts.

Do I need an industrial emergency rescue and response service?

For more information on our industrial emergency rescue and response services or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our highly experienced team. They will be able to advise you on all aspects of our industrial emergency rescue and response service. Click below to get in touch.

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