Emergency Medical Services

Securing confidence for companies conducting hazardous operations in a wide variety of environments. Our specialist teams provide emergency medical response services for high-risk facilities, critical assets and major events.

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The facts about emergency medical services for hazardous industries


The high-risk nature of working high above ground, deep below it and in some of the most hostile and challenging environments requires the back-up of specialist emergency medical services.


Prevention of incidents and accidents is always the desired outcome. However, even with the most rigorous preparation, planning and safety measures, accidents do still happen. Relying on emergency services alone is not enough. That’s where Triton Risk can help.

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Triton Risk
Triton Risk

Securing confidence for you


Triton Risk is an industry-leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective and fully integrated emergency medical care services.


When emergencies occur we deliver pre-hospital care through advanced trauma teams to the most seriously injured patients, in some of the most hostile environments.


We offer national coverage, and are able to support you 24/7; working days, nights and weekends to secure confidence when you need it most.

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Triton Risk emergency medical services


For your peace of mind, we have assembled a team of specially recruited personnel, trained and equipped to provide medical response to high-risk and complex emergency situations.


The team performs innovative and potentially life-saving procedures on-scene within the ‘hot-zone’ of an incident. Working alongside the police, fire and rescue and ambulance services, our primary aim is to triage and treat casualties. We help save lives in very difficult circumstances, in harsh and remote environments.


Our medical personnel support your operations by integrating as highly functional members of your team and implement a gold standard of cutting-edge equipment, medical supplies, governance and customised clinics based on your specific needs.


From start to finish, we support a comprehensive portfolio of prevention and workplace health and safety services, as well as emergency medical response services. Our medical team can also work with you to ensure a strong, healthy and safe workforce.

Why Triton Risk Management for emergency medical services?


With extensive experience in dealing with medical emergencies, we have earned a reputation for reliability and competence.


Our specialist medical professionals are able to attend the scene of any injury no matter the location of the patient. This is achieved through our own private Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) Paramedics.


Our aim is to save lives and improve the health of workers. Whatever the industry, work environment, or geography, successful companies trust our medical and safety services to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees.


We provide healthcare wherever you need it, fuelled by the passion, pride, dedication, and exceptional quality of our employees. Unlike other international medical companies, the majority of our medical staff are full-time employees who operate 24/7.


We are proud to provide a dynamic and highly experienced team of multinational medical professionals who believe in what we do.

Frequently Asked Question's

What does an emergency medical service team do?

An emergency medical team responds to accidents and incidents involving workers operating in a wide variety of hazardous environments. The provide on-site triage and treatment to casualties so that safe transfer to hospital can be completed.

Do I need an emergency medical service?

If your organisation requires employees and contractors to enter hazardous locations as part of their job, then the answer is yes. Examples of these locations include working at height or deep below ground, or in any high-risk facility where even small incidents can swiftly escalate to become full-blown emergencies.


Our medical teams are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and trained in the latest industry best practices. Rest assured, our team has the expertise to manage a wide range of emergency situations with the utmost precision and care.

How rapidly can Triton deploy an emergency medical team?

Time is of the essence during a medical emergency. Our highly trained and experienced teams are prepared to respond swiftly and instantly, applying their expertise and specialised equipment to safely tend to individuals in distress.


You can rely on our team’s prompt action and frontline medical expertise when every second counts.

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