Securing a major Port facility through enhanced manned guarding and innovative technology

As one of the UK’s fastest growing safety, security and emergency response solutions provider, we have been involved in the Ports and Maritime industry for many years, offering everything from risk management consulting through to large-scale integrated security management solutions.

We were recently awarded a ten year contract for the provision of an integrated operational and technology security and emergency response solution for a major Port, across multiple terminals.

Technologically, we were responsible for migrating over all existing security systems including all detection, surveillance, access control and monitoring systems to our Alarm Receiving and Monitoring Centre. The project also required the complete redesign of the existing security system and installation of all new technology across the entirety of the Port including the development of an on-site internal alarm receiving centre and monitoring station.

The sprawling Port estate, covers four terminals and is home to hundreds of employees and contractors with confirmed plans for further development and expansion through their strategic involvement in the renewables sector, including the offshore wind industry.

In-line with our methodology, a dedicated project team was mobilised and managed all transitions, both people and systems – including physical security. Supported by our wider group and robust corporate management team, Triton Risk Management does not provide conventional security guarding. We have developed and improved our solutions over many years to meet the specific challenges of our clients who operate in high risk environments, including Ports.

In the unlikely event of an incident, a complex, but rapid, system of responses from on-site safety and security teams are triggered. Within minutes, one of our enhanced security officers trained in emergency first aid are available to assess the situation, administering immediate medical treatment or extinguishing a fire before calling 999. Our teams then meet the local authority emergency services outside the site, brief them, and escort them through the mass of cranes and heavy equipment to the scene.

We have pioneered this approach in the security industry, supporting clients operating in hazardous environments with different skills that are tailored to their specific risks.

Our Enhanced Security Officers are some of the most well-trained and well-equipped in the industry. They are put through a bespoke training programme, during which they are exposed to all the credible risks and threats the Port faces. They are taught the language to use over radio, real time reporting, conflict management, how to manage a situation with protesters all aligned to the ISPS Regulations. They are also given skills to deal with medical trauma, rescues from height and confined space as well firefighting. It is an ongoing programme of development and maintenance of competence which is specific to the project.

They are taught additional police awareness in case there is an incident, including how to section off the area and help preserve evidence. We don’t want a security officer who stands there all day, we want an officer who is proactively communicating, engaging and reacting.

Each year, personnel complete refresher courses that boost their Incident Management, Physical Intervention, and Trespass and Protest Scenarios skills.

Due to the strict International Shipping and Port Security Standards (ISPS), we are also required to demonstrate to the Port our ability to provide ‘ramp up’ security based on increased threat levels determined by the Department for Transport (DfT). This escalation may require up to a 300% staffing uplift within a response time of 6 – 12 hours – This capability is drawn from our operational personnel within close proximity to the Port and does not impact the on our other ramp up commitments – something which we take great pride in.

We understand that Ports are critical elements of national infrastructure and as economic gateways, the ability to attract foreign trade and investment through internationally compliant and secure Ports directly boosts economies and GDP.

With an enviable reputation for the delivery of enhanced security services within the industry, we have delivered security and consultancy services to the Ports and Maritime sectors for many years and draw on the experience of a wide range of contracts and engagements to ensure our services are current, relevant, appropriate and incorporate best practice standards including International Maritime Organisation (IMO), International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

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