Training and Exercising

Our state of the art facilities enable training to be carried out at our purpose-built training centre or on your site with our mobile training unit. Emergency situations require fully trained individuals to manage emergencies effectively and efficiently. We provide specialist training to prepare and ensure individuals are able to manage emergency situations.

Our training, exercising and assessment programmes are developed and delivered by practitioners with years of operational experience.

Incident Management Training

Site Incident Controller

Suitable for operational personnel who are responsible for controlling an incident, our Site Incident Controller training programmes empower the individual to manage and control any emergency incident from start to finish. Utilising risk assessments (analytical and dynamic), company resources, emergency services briefings, incident pre-plans and response procedures. Allowing the site incident controller the confidence to successfully control emergency situations and communicate with the Site Main Controller.

Site Main Controller

Suitable for middle and senior managers who are responsible for managing an incident and its potential consequences. We provide delegates with confidence to manage incidents from an On-Site Emergency Control Centre and define the roles and responsibilities of the Site Main Controller and ECC support personnel, providing clarity on structures and interface protocols associated with multi-agency emergency response.

We prepare the individual to be able to successfully manage and coordinate the emergency arrangements alongside procedure guidelines and successfully communicate with Site Incident Controllers and Crisis Managers.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Recovering from crises quickly and successfully is critical to reducing the impact on your business. We identify the potential hazards throughout your organisation and provide you with the solutions to effectively solve the crisis head on.

We prepare the individual to be able to successfully manage emergency situations and successfully communicate with Site Main Controllers ultimately preparing our clients to get back to a state of normality safely and quickly without disruption.

Pipeline Emergency Response Officer

The PERO (Pipeline Emergency Response Officer) ensures cross industry consistency in operator response to pipeline emergency incidents. On successful completion of the programme, individuals will be able to immediately respond and provide on-site liaison with the Emergency Services on behalf of the pipeline operator.

The PERO will develop the required skills to keep the Pipeline Operator’s management teams and staff at Pipeline Incident Control Room (PICR) fully informed about the situation at the scene, including taking action to minimise the consequences of the incident, and make the incident scene safe.

Incident Management Preparedness & Competency Assessment

This programme is developed for personnel whose role is to manage, coordinate and respond to high hazard emergencies. The participant will be able to;

  • Assess and evaluate the emergency;
  • Communicate and direct the emergency response team; and
  • Manage the emergency response.

Individuals will be subject to both theoretical and practical learning and assessment.

  • Theoretical – Providing individuals with an understanding on incident management, focusing on developing leadership qualities, utilisation of resources, importance of communication and dealing with stress.
  • Table-Top Exercise – Individuals will be taken through a bespoke table-top exercise specific to the operator’s facility to prepare for the simulated exercises and identify any procedural gaps.
  • Live Play – Individuals will be assessed within a simulated live play exercise, participating within the role of Site Incident Controller, Site Main Controller or Crisis Manager. They will be assessed on various human factor elements of incident management, including tasking and coordination, effective communications and information sharing. Individuals will also be expected to show a clear understanding of operator emergency response procedures, scenario specific emergency response plans, emergency services and regulators.


Simulated emergency exercises give participants realistic exposure to potential conditions in a controlled environment, testing effectiveness of emergency plans and procedures and identifying training needs.

Available in a variety of settings (On-site and Off-site) depending on the aims and objectives of the client, exercises are tailored to meet your site’s specific scenarios and include:

  • Seminar;
  • Walkthrough;
  • Table Top;
  • Live Play; and
  • Major Live Play

Emergency Response Training

We have the capacity and experience to work with clients at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. We recognise that people are central to an organisation and their actions can determine the course of an incident, by collaborating closely, we will arrive at a bespoke or industry standard solution that exactly meets your needs.

Industrial Fire Fighting

Our instructors are highly competent with many years of operational hands on experience responding to industrial incidents and can facilitate;

  • Storage tank fire fighting training;
  • Tank and associated facilities fire hazard management workshop’s; and
  • Tank fire fighting and foam workshop’s.

Confined Space

Confined space emergencies regularly occur on a daily basis. We provide basic awareness and rescue training in addition to bespoke confined space training to suit your specific site requirements. We train your staff in how to respond in critical situations using life like scenarios delivered by our experienced training team.

Working at Height

We provide a variety of courses to many industries to ensure your staff members are equipped with the knowledge to prevent falls, and rescue casualties as well as avoiding other risks. We also work with our clients to create bespoke courses tailored to your exact requirements ensuring your organisation is compliant, has the necessary tools and equipment and educated personnel to work in a safe environment.


We provide First Aid training to deliver, assess and certificate First Aid training and competence assessments approved by The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. Our courses provide the knowledge and skills required to deal with a medical emergency confidently and correctly. We include theoretical and practical sessions to help the learner understand how to react to any medical emergency within the workplace.

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