Triton Risk Management and J3M Unveil Strategic Partnership to Elevate Safety, Security and Efficiency in Tunnelling Projects.

An innovative and highly experienced Joint Venture, having collectively been involved in every major tunnelling project over the last 35 years.

Triton, a leading specialist in managing risks for critical infrastructure, and J3M, a renowned tunnelling construction services and manpower provider, proudly announce the establishment of a transformative joint venture. This strategic alliance is poised to revolutionise the landscape of tunnelling projects by integrating Triton’s expertise in risk management with J3M’s proficiency in tunnelling construction and specialist manpower solutions.


The partnership, named J3M Triton JV, brings together the strengths of both organisations to provide comprehensive solutions that prioritise safety, security, and operational excellence in critical underground construction projects. This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both organisations to set new industry standards and enhance the overall efficiency of tunnelling projects worldwide.

Safety and Security Integration:

Triton’s wealth of experience in helping to safeguard and secure major projects will be seamlessly integrated into J3M’s long-established tunnelling heritage. This holistic approach aims to create a safer and more secure working environment for all personnel involved in tunnel and underground construction.

Innovative Emergency Management Solutions:

The joint venture will focus on developing and implementing cutting-edge emergency management protocols and solutions tailored specifically for tunnelling and underground projects. These innovations will enhance the preparedness, planning, response and resilience arrangements of tunnelling operations in the face of challenges both known and unknown.

Optimised Manpower Deployment:

J3M’s expertise in tunnelling construction and manpower provision will be complemented by Triton’s safety and security protocols, resulting in the optimised and efficient deployment of manpower. This collaboration aims to streamline operations while ensuring the well-being of the workforce. We are an experienced provider of qualified labour for all jobs throughout all construction phases on tunnelling projects. Having highly skilled specialists supporting your project is critical. We help you to ensure that the right people, are in the right place at the right time – right from the start and through to the end.

Global Reach:

J3M Triton JV is poised to make a global impact by offering its services to tunnelling projects across various continents. This international presence will enable the joint venture to contribute to the advancement of the tunnelling industry on a global scale.

Representatives from both Triton and J3M expressed their excitement about the collaboration. They believe that J3M Triton JV will set a benchmark for collaboration and innovation not only within the tunnelling industry but in the broader critical infrastructure development sector as well.

About J3M Triton JV

J3M Triton JV is a joint venture of two international and privately-owned companies; Triton Risk Management and J3M. Our combined experience, both in the UK and worldwide, in delivering high-profile infrastructure projects safely and securely, on time and on budget, has long established our reputation.

Triton Risk Management and J3M individually have excellent global reputations for delivering high-profile infrastructure projects – safely, securely, on time and on budget. Together we represent a multi-party delivery entity that is more than capable of overcoming the technical challenges associated with supporting any major infrastructure project.

J3M Triton JV is a bespoke solutions partner that supports projects                  in complex environments. Our vision is to be a global market leader in specialist outsourcing solutions to ensure major infrastructure projects are delivered safely and securely.